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Special Educational Needs, Accessibility Plans, Equality Plans and Disabilities

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The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all our pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and ensures full curriculum entitlement and access. We are committed to maximum integration commensurate with meeting individual needs, the highest quality of education for all pupils and the efficient use of resources.


Fairfield Primary School is a mainstream setting. Fairfield School strives to be an inclusive school and has an ‘Inclusion Policy’ which focuses on inclusive practice and removing barriers to learning. It acknowledges the range of issues to be taken into account in the process of development. All pupils are welcome, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, in accordance with the LA’s admissions policy.


Fairfield strives to be an inclusive school engendering a sense of community and belonging through its:

  • Inclusive ethos

  • Broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils

  • Systems for early identification of barriers to learning and participation

  • High expectations and suitable targets for all children

  • Info about setting/policy for identification and assessment


The SENCo is the professional leader in the area of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and as such is responsible for:


  • the day to day operation of the school’s Special Educational Needs Policy.

  • assisting staff in the identification and assessment of pupils with SEND.

  • advising on classroom and other appropriate strategies.

  • liaising with parents, support staff and other external agencies.

  • maintaining the school’s SEND files and record.

  • informing and advising the governors.

  • continuing their professional development in SEND.

  • contributing to staff training.

  • managing the budget for SEND in conjunction with the Head teacher.


SEND issues are regularly discussed at staff meetings. All staff are made aware of their responsibilities towards pupils with SEND and clear communication lines between teachers, support staff and specialist staff are established. A programme of staff development, to be included in the school development plan, is implemented for both SEND support staff and class teachers.


Pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities are identified as early as possible. Fairfield has established a three staged process for identification, assessment and provision, in accordance with the 2014 Code of Practice and extended through our methods of provision. These stages are: School monitoring, SEND Support and Statement/Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The first stage is a school based stage where it is anticipated the needs of pupils can be met through school based provision. Where pupils at this level are showing increased levels of need and involvement from external agencies a SEND Support Plan will be put into place to access resources over and above what the school is able to provide. These SEND Support Plans will be reviewed in line with the schools systems of assessing, planning and reviewing progress. This graduated response recognises that there is a continuum of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and that the majority of children will lie at the School monitoring and SEND Support Stage.


Fairfield’s arrangements for implementing levels of action are guided by the LA’s document ‘Criteria for Placement’. Prior to placing a child on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Support Record, class teachers may identify pupils with a potential Special Educational Need and consulting the Special Educational Needs Coordinator, complete a Registration of Concern. Initial action to address those needs and concerns is taken and progress monitored carefully.

Our SENCo during 2020/21 is Mrs Goodger who can be contacted on 0116 2782424 or email

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