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Leading Parent Partnership Award 

Strengths of the School

  • The Headteacher and staff share the vision that the best outcomes for children are achieved through a meaningful partnership with parents and are clearly committed to enabling parents to better support their children’s learning.


  • The school ethos, summed up in the ‘Fairfield Way’, is welcoming, friendly and inclusive. There is a strong, caring family atmosphere, fostered by an open-door policy and approachable, accessible staff.


  • The learning environment is bright and stimulating, with creative displays demonstrating the children’s engagement in their learning.


  • Communication with parents is excellent, across the range of media from newsletters to text messaging. Parents feel very well-informed about all activities in the school, and particularly appreciate the home school link book, a simple yet very effective way of maintaining a dialogue between home and school. The red card system alerts the class teacher to any information that requires immediate attention and enables parents to feel confident that their comments will receive immediate attention.


  • Parental confidence in the school is high and parents feel that their children are enjoying learning in a safe and happy environment.


  • Parents appreciate the range of activities offered for their benefit and feel that these enable them to support their children more effectively. The timing of the sessions to coincide with occasions when parents are already in school for such things as parents’ evenings and performances ensures that they are well attended.


  • Consultation with parents is exemplary and parents value the simplicity of the systems used to gain their views. Parents feel really listened to and are confident that the school acts upon their feedback. An excellent example of this is the road safety project which developed from parents raising concerns about parking and road safety issues.


  • Induction is a real strength, not just in the Foundation Stage but throughout the school. Parents are supported through the process and feel that their children benefit from the opportunities to get to know their new teachers.


  • The children are confident, articulate and clearly enjoy their life at Fairfield. They also value the opportunities their parents have to be involved in school.


  • Evaluation is strong across all objectives and is clearly demonstrating the impact of parent partnership.


  • Plans to further develop parent partnership will build on the skills of parents already engaged with the school to enable them to support other parents and build community capacity.