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Assessment at Fairfield Primary School


September 2014 saw considerable national changes for schools. The new National Curriculum came into effect and together with this, the old ‘level’ system of assessing pupil progress was abolished; schools are now expected to make their own assessment systems and to also articulate them to parents.


From September 2015 onwards, the information below will explain how Fairfield Primary School, as a member of the ‘Symphony Partnership’ (a group of 14 Leicestershire Primary Schools who work collaboratively on various projects) will be assessing pupil progress.

Under the old National levelling system, pupils were expected to achieve a Level 1b/1a in year 1, a level 2b in year 2, a level 2a/3c in year 3, a level 3b/3a in year 4 and so on… confusing, I know!

So! In a nutshell, from September 2015 onwards, we are expecting pupils in year 1 to achieve within our newly defined level 1, pupils in year 2 to achieve within our newly defined level 2, year 3 pupils to achieve within our level 3 and so on until pupils in year 6 who are expected to achieve within our level 6 gradings. This should make it clearer for parents and these levels will be reported at the end of the year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to pop in to see me.



Tim Sutcliffe

Executive Headteacher